Sport dog versus protection dog

I just read a post on a dog forum blasting a dog for letting go when being hit with a pvc pipe and then retargeting. “The dog was EXTREMELY defensive and would come off the bite if you struck her with PVC pipe insulation and then bite elsewhere. I don’t like what I saw at […]

Dog Training Philosophy

My dogs are trained without treats or toys. Instead, open and honest communication is used. Simply put, my dogs are praised when they do well and corrected when they make a mistake. Now this type of training takes a lot of dedication and isn’t for the lazy. At least with Scout, if you don’t consistently […]

Meet Cop

Meet Cop, the lovable golden oaf.

Copper getting some love after a long drive

Copper is my wife’s furball golden retriever. It looks like he always has a smile on his face, especially when he gets to love on people and people get to love on him. He’s been eager to jump in and […]

Scout working a track

Below is a short video of Scout completing a track. This is probably her 5th or 6th track ever. I told my lovely assistant to go hide and gave her some time to set up before I gave Scout the “seek” command.

She did pretty well. You can tell she lost it for a […]

Tracking, its like hide and seek for grown ups with dogs

Tracking is one of my favorite activities to do with my dogs since I was introduced to it in October. Its actually way easier than I thought it would be. Before I actually tried it first hand I had read that you have to train them from puppy hood by moving their food a little […]

Scout, or as my wife affectionately calls her, Ratfink

Scout chilling on a ladder








Oh Scout. Life with this little 43 pound one and half year old Dutch Shepherd gets interesting at times. Ok, actually most the time. Scout joined our family in March of last year. She was a wedding present from only the most […]

A Dog Life

My parents have pictures of me napping on our German Shepherd’s Dog when I was a tiny little guy. They said I would also practice standing up by pulling myself up with my tiny fingers interlaced in his fur. After he passed he away, a couple years went by before we acquired two labs, aptly […]