Dutch Shepherd Agility on a playground

I put together a quick video of Scout doing some agility work on a local playground. The Dutch Shepherd breed excels at agility. She definitely made it look easy.

Copper the Golden Retriever’s first track

The other week I convinced my darling wife to do some tracking work with me and our 6 year old Golden Retriever, Copper. Copper is a goof ball. My wife affectionately calls him the Golden Oaf. Since he loves us so much, I knew we could channel his desire to be with us into some […]

A wife and a cantankerous dutch shepherd

Ash here – Case’s better half. I thought I’d sit down and write about some recent

Scout perched mid wall work.

experiences with Scout and share with you the importance of being consistent. I’ll be honest, Scout and I rarely see eye to eye. We have our moments where we both really enjoy […]

One direction, one command

Mess 1 and Mess 2 while Scout visited the vet last week.

I caught myself being lazy yesterday with Scout. I kept breaking the cardinal rule of dog training, I repeated my command when I knew Scout knew exactly what I was commanding of her. One direction, one command. I can picture it in […]

Sadie’s first time tracking

Sadie getting ready for her track

I had the awesome opportunity to visit my parents today and convinced them to let me teach them how to track with their dog, Sadie. Sadie is a stray that came up to their house one day and now has a loving home with them. This was both […]

The need for a polished “Inspection” command

Mike McConnery at Baden K9 started every morning of training with an inspection. The dog was checked head to tail, ears to paws looking for anything that may preclude training for the day. The first day we examined our own dogs, the days after we would examine our own and then examine someone else’s. The […]

A well balanced diet for dogs: The Raw Diet

Scout devouring raw chicken thighs after a hard day of training

Scout and Copper eat a raw diet consisting of veggies and meat. When I say raw, I mean raw. Scout’s favorite is a whole chicken, gizzards, bones and all. Scout is no lady when she eats it. She uses paws and all […]