How to give your dog commands

Walking through Home Depot with Scout, our female Dutch Shepherd, the other day got me thinking about how you should give commands to your dog. In the last post I discussed the one direction one command principle. Today we will take that a little bit further.

Dutch Shepherd guarding her people while they workout


Off leash dog obedience

I found myself getting lazy the other day when working Scout, our Dutch Shepherd, off leash with Ash after Crossfit. I had scout jumping on 6 foot walls and crossing left and right across the top of the wall with turns spaced sporadically. I positioned myself about 10 yards from the wall with the intent […]

Hello Again, I am back.

Sorry for the delay in new content. I got overwhelmed with life in the form of our little one, a crazy work schedule, and boat load of spam comments. So I should be posting up more regularly now. Its great to be back.

Ry, Scout, and Cop are best […]