Need versus want in dog training

Hello again from with more thoughts on dog training. This post is coming at you from the gorgeous mountains of Colorado. Its so pretty out here. Ok back to dog training.

We had the opportunity to fly back to Texas to see family a couple weeks ago. It was great seeing everyone and as […]

After action report from a different philosophy of dog training

Hello from In today’s post I recap some of my takeaways from a training opportunity with a trainer of a different methodology.

I recently had the opportunity to observe some training using methods that I don’t prescribe to. It was a good experience getting to see the other side of the aisle. Although I […]

Dogs can be smart weapons

Hello again from us here at

Something has been brewing in my mind the last couple of days thanks to the comments on one of Dyask9 Instagram posts. Basically Dyask9 said dogs can differentiate between friend and fo or threat and non threat after someone brought up the story about the police k9 that […]

Why you need a protection dog: An example

Hello again from us at Today’s post is a more serious one. In it, I describe a situation in which I believe a protection dog made the difference between a non event and a serious, life altering experience.

A woman was working late at night at her office by herself and her protection dog. […]

Getting you and your dog ready for going out into public

Hello again from us at Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. In today’s article we discuss training you and your dog for that dreadful public experience.

Understandably, taking your canine from the nice comfortable and controlled training environment and thrusting them into the real world with real people, (not other handlers), real dogs (that […]