3 reasons you should train your dog

Happy Friday everyone! Today’s post from deltacanine.net discusses three reasons you should invest your time in training your four-legged furry companion.

1.Training your dog further strengthens the bond between canine and handler

The more time you spend working with your dog, the better the communication. You will pick up on subtle clues as […]

The prong collar is the best collar for training

Hello again from us at deltacanine.net. This posts comes to you after conducting some dog training in Nashville, TN with a 10 month old Great Pyrenees dog. Ruger is a sweet pup and a quick learner. We were working on leash walking and basic sits and stays. After only one session using the leash and […]

The Heeling Post: Man’s best friend for teaching your dog to stay close

Hello again from us at deltacanine. Hope everyone is having a productive 2017 so far. Today’s post is about the heeling post.

William Koehler, creator of the Koehler Method of Dog training, uses the heeling post to teach the dog to stay with the handler when in close proximity to objects or poles. Its a […]