Scout did what?: Tales of the misadventures

We all know Dutch shepherds can be a handful. They are smart, energetic, and a little bit of crazy. Add those together and you are destined to have some funny now, not so funny then stories. Below will be a list of those misadventures and of course will be added to over time.


The […]

What equipment do you need for dog training?

Howdy again from Today’s dog training tip will cover the essential equipment needed to train your dog. Some owners go crazy and get way more equipment than is necessary.

So are you ready for the list?

6 ft lead Prong collar

Crazy right? With those two items alone, you can have an extremely well […]

Watch a 2 yr old Dutch Shepherd working agility

Hello again from Join us today and watch a video of 2 yr old female Dutch Shepherd doing some simple agility.

Scout and I did some agility work after a quick run to the Port Orange City Center. In the video you can see us “hupping” on to an obstacle about shoulder height […]

how to use a leash

Happy Friday from us at! Today will be discussing proper leash management when working and training your dog.

I noticed I’ve been lazy of late, so I thought I’d touch on this subject to pass on the importance of staying vigilant as a handler. I reviewed some video footage of my agility training with […]

Can you take your dog to Aloft Hotels?

Hello again from I had the opportunity to go up to Jacksonville for an overnight the other day and I was pleasantly surprised that Ash and Ry could come with me. The only problem was we didn’t know what to do with Scout. Lol of course I didn’t think to plan ahead and see […]

Stability in a protection dog

Scout put into obedience on an elevated surface, in this case, a table.

Today on we will be talking about stability of a protection dog.

I’ve been away for the last couple of days so it’s been Ash, Ry, and Scout manning the home front. Ash relayed a story to me about taking […]

Today’s reflections and insights on dog training

This post isn’t like the ones you normally see on Today’s post is a collection of thoughts about dog training and a situation involving one of our dogs at Home Depot. So lets dive in.

Joel Ryals and Dunetos K9

I started following Joel Ryals of Dunetos K9 on Facebook and have seen a […]

How to socialize your dog in public

Ash and Scout checking out at Home Depot during a supply run

How to socialize your dog in public

My Dutch Shepherd, Scout and I made a quick run to Home Depot this afternoon to grab some more paint for another one of those projects where you think you have enough supplies but then […]

why your dog misbehaves sometimes but not all the time

The likely cause your dog misbehaves sometimes but not all the time is you. Give a smart dog an inch and they will take a mile. I have seen it with Scout all the time. The minute you get lazy and don’t correct her when the both of you know she should, she will begin […]

Why you need a protection dog

Well trained protection dogs are a force multiplier and allow you another tool in your pocket in dealing with situations that could turn confrontational. Notice the term well trained in the previous sentence. A dog that is not well trained could actually be a liability in such situations. Their “spun up” behavior as Joshua from […]