Keep your pets happy on the Fourth too!

Happy Friday!! And Happy 4th of July weekend!

Amidst the BBQ and fireworks remember that we celebrate 4th in commemoration of the original colonies adopting the Declaration of Independence in 1776 to form their own nation free of the tyranny of Britain. Let Freedom Ring!

Although its a great time of celebration for most people, your pets may not view it the same. I can’t remember where I saw it but the 4th is the day the highest number of pets are reported missing. Makes sense right? They are probably not near as keen on the explosions in the sky as their human companions are.

So when it does come time to pop some fireworks, take the time to make sure your dogs (and other pets too) are safe and secure. If you do notice them having trouble with the noise as evidenced by tucked tails and pinned ears, or hiding, be a good handler and take the time to let em know its ok. We use “Easy” when we can tell they are uncomfortable with something. Your calming presence and honest communication can do a lot to assuage any fear they may have when the night lights up.

Dogs are den animals so putting them in a crate during the festivities can also be a calming precaution.

We had a beautiful little Boston Terrier come up to us one 4th of July after he ran away from his owner. He hung out with us and gots lots of loving until his handler came by looking for him. The relief in the owner was apparent when he saw that we were taking care of his little buddy. Save yourself the worry of looking for a lost pet by making sure they are secure and comfortable.


Happy Independence Day from!

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