Need versus want in dog training

Hello again from with more thoughts on dog training. This post is coming at you from the gorgeous mountains of Colorado. Its so pretty out here. Ok back to dog training.

We had the opportunity to fly back to Texas to see family a couple weeks ago. It was great seeing everyone and as always, it went by way too fast. Me, my wife, our 13 month old, and dear Scout, our 2 year old female Dutch Shepherd, made the trip. Its always interesting to see what happens when you bring your dog out in public.

Ash and Scout at the airport

Overall Scout was very good and Ash handled her like a boss. Its interesting to think that some people train their dogs because they want them to sit, they want them to wait, and come. Other people train their dogs because they need them to sit, wait, heel, and come. Ash was definitely in the second group handling Scout at the airport. They had to work as a team getting through security, maneuvering around passengers, and remaining stable and obedient on the airplane. Scout and Ash did such a great job that the fellow sitting at the aisle seat had no idea Scout was even there until we had started the descent.

When it came down to it, Ash needed Scout to behave and obey immediately and without question. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be flying. Training takes on a different meaning when viewed through this lens. Its not about treats and toys. Its about the bond built working together in everyday life.

Until next time.

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