Sadie’s first time tracking

Sadie getting ready for her track

Sadie getting ready for her track

I had the awesome opportunity to visit my parents today and convinced them to let me teach them how to track with their dog, Sadie. Sadie is a stray that came up to their house one day and now has a loving home with them. This was both her and my parent’s first time tracking.

We started with a short track. I had my dad walk maybe twenty yards, stop at the midpoint and give her a “come” command before ducking around the corner. I had Mom give her the “Seek” command and start following her. We were utilizing Sadie’s desire to be with my parents. Its very important to praise her when she makes the find.

The second track was really good. We increased the distance but still gave the “come” command midway. As you can hear in the video below, Sadie followed my Mom’s exact path.

The third track was much harder for her. We increased the distance and this time did not give her a “Come” command. She overshot the track so I had my Dad give her a call and then another as she lost it again. Its important to end on a positive note and we did.

Overall, they did great and even better, had a blast doing it. Its a fun game for both the my parents and their dog.

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