Scout did what?: Tales of the misadventures

We all know Dutch shepherds can be a handful. They are smart, energetic, and a little bit of crazy. Add those together and you are destined to have some funny now, not so funny then stories. Below will be a list of those misadventures and of course will be added to over time.


The one that stands out most in my mind you can still see the lingering effects of. One day we decided that we trusted Scout to be left out of her crate with Copper while we ran errands. We came back home and opened the front door to let the dogs out. Copper came bounding out of the house, happy as always to see us, that goofy Golden Retriever smile plastered on his face. I couldn’t tell what it was initially because he was moving so fast but he didn’t look right. Then it hit me, he had blue splotches all over him and his tail. In panic mode trying to figure out what happened, I rushed into the house thinking nothing of Scout as she slinked by me and out the front door. It was a complete mess in the house. My wifey has direct mail marketing company, A3 Marketing, and had some printer ink sent to the house. That dirty dog Scout decided it would be a great idea to play with and destroy the box that the ink had come in.

There was magenta and cyan ink all over the place. On the carpet, on the hardwood floor, on Copper and on Scout. It was a mess and an expensive one at that. We did the math and our darling Dutch Shepherd Scout destroyed $200 dollars worth of ink. I am pretty sure you can still see the cyan ink on Copper even after all the baths he has had since then.

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