The Joys of Walking off lead with your dog

Happy Independence Day from us at!

Hope everyone had a great Fourth of July! Mine was awesome in Upstate New York with my beautiful wife, our pretty daughter, and Copper and Scout.

Scout, Ry, and myself had the opportunity to go on a twilight stroll the night of the 4th and I can’t […]

Copper the Golden Retriever’s first track

The other week I convinced my darling wife to do some tracking work with me and our 6 year old Golden Retriever, Copper. Copper is a goof ball. My wife affectionately calls him the Golden Oaf. Since he loves us so much, I knew we could channel his desire to be with us into some […]

Meet Cop

Meet Cop, the lovable golden oaf.

Copper getting some love after a long drive

Copper is my wife’s furball golden retriever. It looks like he always has a smile on his face, especially when he gets to love on people and people get to love on him. He’s been eager to jump in and […]