Off leash dog obedience

I found myself getting lazy the other day when working Scout, our Dutch Shepherd, off leash with Ash after Crossfit. I had scout jumping on 6 foot walls and crossing left and right across the top of the wall with turns spaced sporadically. I positioned myself about 10 yards from the wall with the intent […]

A tired dog makes a happy owner

Scout tired after a day of training with Trident Fitness and Baden K9

I saw an Instagram post by Dyas K9 in which a pup was passed out after a session of training. The caption explained how training stimulates a dog mentally and physically. A tired dog is a content dog and a content […]

Dutch Shepherd Agility on a playground

I put together a quick video of Scout doing some agility work on a local playground. The Dutch Shepherd breed excels at agility. She definitely made it look easy.