Scout running through the woods and fields

I threw together a quick video of Scout running through the woods and fields while Ash and I follow in the UTV. Enjoy!


The Joys of Walking off lead with your dog

Happy Independence Day from us at!

Hope everyone had a great Fourth of July! Mine was awesome in Upstate New York with my beautiful wife, our pretty daughter, and Copper and Scout.

Scout, Ry, and myself had the opportunity to go on a twilight stroll the night of the 4th and I can’t […]

Off leash dog obedience

I found myself getting lazy the other day when working Scout, our Dutch Shepherd, off leash with Ash after Crossfit. I had scout jumping on 6 foot walls and crossing left and right across the top of the wall with turns spaced sporadically. I positioned myself about 10 yards from the wall with the intent […]

A tired dog makes a happy owner

Scout tired after a day of training with Trident Fitness and Baden K9

I saw an Instagram post by Dyas K9 in which a pup was passed out after a session of training. The caption explained how training stimulates a dog mentally and physically. A tired dog is a content dog and a content […]

A wife and a cantankerous dutch shepherd

Ash here – Case’s better half. I thought I’d sit down and write about some recent

Scout perched mid wall work.

experiences with Scout and share with you the importance of being consistent. I’ll be honest, Scout and I rarely see eye to eye. We have our moments where we both really enjoy […]

Scout, or as my wife affectionately calls her, Ratfink

Scout chilling on a ladder








Oh Scout. Life with this little 43 pound one and half year old Dutch Shepherd gets interesting at times. Ok, actually most the time. Scout joined our family in March of last year. She was a wedding present from only the most […]