Need versus want in dog training

Hello again from with more thoughts on dog training. This post is coming at you from the gorgeous mountains of Colorado. Its so pretty out here. Ok back to dog training.

We had the opportunity to fly back to Texas to see family a couple weeks ago. It was great seeing everyone and as […]

Getting you and your dog ready for going out into public

Hello again from us at Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. In today’s article we discuss training you and your dog for that dreadful public experience.

Understandably, taking your canine from the nice comfortable and controlled training environment and thrusting them into the real world with real people, (not other handlers), real dogs (that […]

how to teach your dog the place command

Scout, Ry, and I took Ash’s pretty red bike on a ride to City Center in Port Orange the other day for two reasons:

to further stabilize Scout around bicycles to work on her place command

The place command that Scout and I are working on isn’t the generic go have your dog to lay […]

Scout running through the woods and fields

I threw together a quick video of Scout running through the woods and fields while Ash and I follow in the UTV. Enjoy!


A tired dog makes a happy owner

Scout tired after a day of training with Trident Fitness and Baden K9

I saw an Instagram post by Dyas K9 in which a pup was passed out after a session of training. The caption explained how training stimulates a dog mentally and physically. A tired dog is a content dog and a content […]

Dutch Shepherd Agility on a playground

I put together a quick video of Scout doing some agility work on a local playground. The Dutch Shepherd breed excels at agility. She definitely made it look easy.

A wife and a cantankerous dutch shepherd

Ash here – Case’s better half. I thought I’d sit down and write about some recent

Scout perched mid wall work.

experiences with Scout and share with you the importance of being consistent. I’ll be honest, Scout and I rarely see eye to eye. We have our moments where we both really enjoy […]

The need for a polished “Inspection” command

Mike McConnery at Baden K9 started every morning of training with an inspection. The dog was checked head to tail, ears to paws looking for anything that may preclude training for the day. The first day we examined our own dogs, the days after we would examine our own and then examine someone else’s. The […]

Scout working a track

Below is a short video of Scout completing a track. This is probably her 5th or 6th track ever. I told my lovely assistant to go hide and gave her some time to set up before I gave Scout the “seek” command.

She did pretty well. You can tell she lost it for a […]

Scout, or as my wife affectionately calls her, Ratfink

Scout chilling on a ladder








Oh Scout. Life with this little 43 pound one and half year old Dutch Shepherd gets interesting at times. Ok, actually most the time. Scout joined our family in March of last year. She was a wedding present from only the most […]