Why you need a protection dog: An example

Hello again from us at deltacanine.net. Today’s post is a more serious one. In it, I describe a situation in which I believe a protection dog made the difference between a non event and a serious, life altering experience.

A woman was working late at night at her office by herself and her protection dog. She was making runs to her vehicle through the back door. As she finished a load and walked back down the walkway, she heard footsteps behind her. She turned and a man was following her down the path, a place he had no business to be. Her dog was so in tune with her surroundings and the woman that she immediately picked up on the threat. The dog did not retreat, or get nervous. She positioned herself between the woman and the threat. She stood her ground and projected an aura of confidence and calm that forced the man to rethink his actions and back out of the area the way he came. The woman did not give the dog any command. They were that in tune with another.

I truly believe this situation would have ended in a much different manner had that woman not had her protection dog with her.

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