why your dog misbehaves sometimes but not all the time

The likely cause your dog misbehaves sometimes but not all the time is you. Give a smart dog an inch and they will take a mile. I have seen it with Scout all the time. The minute you get lazy and don’t correct her when the both of you know she should, she will begin to see what else she can get away with. As Mike McConnery from Baden K9 says all the time, “dogs are creatures of opportunity.” If they see an opportunity, they will take it. Like getting one last bite in on the decoy after they have been called off. Dogs are smart creatures.

Consistency is key

The solution is simple but takes dedication. Be consistent with the behavior you accept from your dog. If your dog is forging ahead too far, (aka Scout) give them a correction. If they do not square up properly when sitting next to you, correct them. Your dog is a reflection of what you accept. If you are lazy, you will have a disobedient dog. Its hard sometimes, especially when you get nice a comfy to start watching a movie and then at that exact moment, your dog decides to misbehave but its at that critical time that you most nip that bad behavior in the bud. Otherwise, its an uphill battle.

Anyone can be a dog owner, it takes more to be a dog handler

There are plenty of dog owners out there that are completely happy with having a disobedient dog that doesn’t listen, jumps all over guests, and is otherwise a pain. But if they were to put in some effort and not accept poor behavior, they could have an even better and more rewarding bond with their furry friend. A dog handler does not accept poor behavior from their dog when it knows better. A dog handler has fair and consistent expectations for their dog and communicates with the dog when those expectations are not met.

Do not be lazy and accept poor behavior from your dog when you both know what is right.


Be consistent in public and at home.

Be consistent in public and at home.


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