3 reasons you should train your dog

Happy Friday everyone! Today’s post from deltacanine.net discusses three reasons you should invest your time in training your four-legged furry companion.

1.Training your dog further strengthens the bond between canine and handler

The more time you spend working with your dog, the better the communication. You will pick up on subtle clues as to what your dog is feeling and telling you. The same is true for the dog. He will learn to read you even better. Through this work, the dog becomes more trusting and obedient, allowing for ever advancing work.

2. The dog is better behaved when company comes over

How many times have you had people come over and put your dog in a crate or in the backyard because you didn’t trust him or her to not jump up on your guests or disturb them? Wouldn’t it be so much better if the dog was able to remain in the room lounging on its bed without embarrassing you or annoying your guests? Spending the time training your dog so that obedience is not something you hope for but rely on not only impresses guests but keeps your sanity in check and allows you to more readily focus on your visitors instead of fretting about your dog.

3. You can experience more with your dog outside of the home

I love taking Scout with me anywhere I can. Life is so much better with a dog at your side but the only way you can feel confident taking your canine companion out in public is if you invest in training them. No one likes a rowdy dog that pulls, and barks, and doesn’t generally behave. Plus, how embarrassing is it when your dog is the one in the doghouse? Train your dog in walking on a leash, “leaving it,” sits, stays, and downs, and you are ready to venture forth and enjoy life with your dog.

It only takes a little bit of time each day to work on basic obedience with your dog. Don’t limit yourself to just training during this time you set aside. View every experience with your dog as a training opportunity and you will have a dog that will be a joy to have around and will also impress people that cross your path.

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