Today’s reflections and insights on dog training

This post isn’t like the ones you normally see on Today’s post is a collection of thoughts about dog training and a situation involving one of our dogs at Home Depot. So lets dive in.

Joel Ryals and Dunetos K9

I started following Joel Ryals of Dunetos K9 on Facebook and have seen a lot of his blog articles pop up on my feed. I have to say I have very much enjoyed reading his content. I believe he did some training and with Baden K9 which is fantastic in my book. I very much agree with their training philosophy. If I get the opportunity, I look forward to conducting some training with him. His kids are doing a writing project and post on his blog as well. It was extremely entertaining getting to see the world through Oreo’s eyes, the Combat Cookie. Definitely check it out.

One of his recent blog posts about building vocabulary or negative vocabulary as he calls it made me take a look at myself and realize I get lax with Scout when I know I shouldn’t. Lol I even have a blog post about how to give your dog commands¬†and one also about consistency. Its important to look at yourself and learn where you need to improve. So I need to be firm and consistent with my commands. I need to give Scout the command once, if she doesn’t obey, she needs a verbal and also a physical correction. Otherwise I am building a vocabulary and letting her choose which issuance of the command she gets to obey. Just imagine the mom threatening different punishments with her young child instead of ¬†following through with the specified consequence for disobeying.

Scout and Home Depot

Once again we made a run to Home Depot. Pretty sure most of the people that work there recognize us by now. Every time Scout goes she gets more social interaction and confidence in a different environment. We added the stress of a cart on this excursion. Wifey was having a little bit too much fun with the cart and sort of lost control and ran into the end of an aisle, knocking over some stuff. Lol it was hilarious. For your viewing pleasure, I have included it below. Besides the hilarity of the crash, notice Scout. Although she was supposed to stay in a down stay, I was very proud of her for staying on the cart. Most dogs would have vacated it. There’s something about honest communication that can’t be replicated with toys and treats.



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