Can you take your dog to Aloft Hotels?

Hello again from I had the opportunity to go up to Jacksonville for an overnight the other day and I was pleasantly surprised that Ash and Ry could come with me. The only problem was we didn’t know what to do with Scout. Lol of course I didn’t think to plan ahead and see if VIP Pet Resort had room but I remembered seeing a dog at one of the hotels I frequent in Tallahassee and I was willing to bet the dog I saw wasn’t a service a dog. So I looked up to see if there was an Aloft in Jacksonville close to the airport and then checked out the pet policy once I found it.

Aloft Jacksonville Airport allows dogs!

And there is no pet fee. I was very pleased when I found out. It worked out great because free is much less expensive than having to pay for boarding and we got to keep our companion with us. Aloft even has a complimentary dog bed for your furry friend as well.

Pet Policy

Animals are family, too! That’s why the Aloft Jacksonville Airport welcomes dogs up to 40 pounds.* Our pet-friendly arf(SM) program offers a special bed, bowl, and a doggie bag of woof-alicious treats and toys, all complimentary to use during your stay. Please make sure they’re on their best behavior—we don’t want to charge you extra for housekeeping! – direct from Aloft Jacksonville Airport policies found here


Pretty cool huh?

We definitely enjoyed our stay. It was great getting Scout in a new environment with new people, sights, and smells. She even had her first elevator experience. The only problem was she badly wanted to get in the pool to swim with Ry and I while Ash worked poolside.

Truth be told, I was more concerned about Scout’s behavior but Ry was the one that caused the most chaos. The poor little nugget was coming off having a fever and developed a stuffy nose. She was not a happy camper and screamed bloody murder starting at about 0100 and waking up every 30 minutes after that. It was brutal and I was convinced we were gonna kicked out of the hotel. Luckily that didn’t happen.

So next time you get to travel with your furry canine companion, be sure to check to see if your destination has an Aloft Hotel. Use the time together to get some stability training in as well. Remember, every day is training.

Scout, Ry, and Me lounging at Aloft Jacksonville Airport

Scout, Ry, and me lounging at Aloft Jacksonville Airport


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