Watch a 2 yr old Dutch Shepherd working agility

Hello again from Join us today and watch a video of 2 yr old female Dutch Shepherd doing some simple agility.

Scout and I did some agility work after a quick run to the Port Orange City Center. In the video you can see us “hupping” on to an obstacle about shoulder height high. We did this a number of times. Each time changing the exercise just slightly to add a different stress like how we discussed in this article. Sending a dog from out of position is what you want to strive for in training. It doesn’t take much work to lead them to the obstacle and encourage them to jump up. What takes practice and repetition is going away from your dog and having them go to the correct obstacle. Towards the end of the video you can see me go from Scouts side and have her up will I am diagonal from the obstacle. Start small and work your way up.

Hopefully you enjoyed this agility video that gives a quick glimpse into the athletic ability of the Dutch Shepherd breed.

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