Getting you and your dog ready for going out into public

Hello again from us at Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. In today’s article we discuss training you and your dog for that dreadful public experience.

Understandably, taking your canine from the nice comfortable and controlled training environment and thrusting them into the real world with real people, (not other handlers), real dogs (that […]

Today’s reflections and insights on dog training

This post isn’t like the ones you normally see on Today’s post is a collection of thoughts about dog training and a situation involving one of our dogs at Home Depot. So lets dive in.

Joel Ryals and Dunetos K9

I started following Joel Ryals of Dunetos K9 on Facebook and have seen a […]

why your dog misbehaves sometimes but not all the time

The likely cause your dog misbehaves sometimes but not all the time is you. Give a smart dog an inch and they will take a mile. I have seen it with Scout all the time. The minute you get lazy and don’t correct her when the both of you know she should, she will begin […]

Honest communication with your dog

We covered how to give your dog a command in a previous post, today we will talk about how to reward your dog when he obeys your command.

I do not believe in treats and toys as reward for good behavior. I do acknowledge that some dogs have been trained very well with treats alone […]

The Joys of Walking off lead with your dog

Happy Independence Day from us at!

Hope everyone had a great Fourth of July! Mine was awesome in Upstate New York with my beautiful wife, our pretty daughter, and Copper and Scout.

Scout, Ry, and myself had the opportunity to go on a twilight stroll the night of the 4th and I can’t […]

How to give your dog commands

Walking through Home Depot with Scout, our female Dutch Shepherd, the other day got me thinking about how you should give commands to your dog. In the last post I discussed the one direction one command principle. Today we will take that a little bit further.

Dutch Shepherd guarding her people while they workout


A tired dog makes a happy owner

Scout tired after a day of training with Trident Fitness and Baden K9

I saw an Instagram post by Dyas K9 in which a pup was passed out after a session of training. The caption explained how training stimulates a dog mentally and physically. A tired dog is a content dog and a content […]

One direction, one command

Mess 1 and Mess 2 while Scout visited the vet last week.

I caught myself being lazy yesterday with Scout. I kept breaking the cardinal rule of dog training, I repeated my command when I knew Scout knew exactly what I was commanding of her. One direction, one command. I can picture it in […]

Dog Training Philosophy

My dogs are trained without treats or toys. Instead, open and honest communication is used. Simply put, my dogs are praised when they do well and corrected when they make a mistake. Now this type of training takes a lot of dedication and isn’t for the lazy. At least with Scout, if you don’t consistently […]