Teaching my dog to load up

Today’s post from deltacanine.net is about teaching your dog how to load up in your car. The video below shows me training my 2 year old Dutch Shepherd, Scout to enter the vehicle through the open passenger window but you can tailor these steps to have them enter the car through the trunk or open […]

New Logo on my shirt!

Special thanks to Addie at On Par Creations for getting my logo for deltacanine.net on my shirt! It looks fantastic and I couldn’t be more pleased with her work.

Me rocking my new logo-ed shirt with my regal beast, […]

Scout did what?: Tales of the misadventures

We all know Dutch shepherds can be a handful. They are smart, energetic, and a little bit of crazy. Add those together and you are destined to have some funny now, not so funny then stories. Below will be a list of those misadventures and of course will be added to over time.


The […]

What equipment do you need for dog training?

Howdy again from deltacanine.net. Today’s dog training tip will cover the essential equipment needed to train your dog. Some owners go crazy and get way more equipment than is necessary.

So are you ready for the list?

6 ft lead Prong collar

Crazy right? With those two items alone, you can have an extremely well […]